About us




Every society on earth has some recorded record behind the usage of positive energy crystals. What makes our water bottles so unique is that we combine the incredible effects of various crystals to help you stay protected & manifest your intentions while hydrating your body with earth's greatest life force, water!


The story of NAZAR starts with a deep love and connection to Mother Earth. By acknowledging the amazing healing powers that come attached to a wholesome, holistic lifestyle, Nazar Bottle was born. Ever since we started offering crystal infused water bottles to customers, our goal has remained the same. By offering this life-altering opportunity to fans and followers, we hope to help everyone achieve their dreams and aspirations.


We understand that everyone is unique. As unique individuals, we all want to focus on the things that are important to us. That is why we offer a wide variety of Quartz Crystals to help you select the right one to address your needs. Whether you are looking to amplify your manifestation or cleanse your negative energy, we have a crystal infused water bottle for you.