Citrine Quartz Rose Gold Bottle

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Citrine Quartz Rose Gold Bottle

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Everywhere Citrine Quartz is found people refer to it as a light bringing gemstone with the power to bring vibrant energy and a sense of joy to your life. Certain circumstances in your life can cause you to shut down and withdraw from the world. This is where Citrine Quartz can step in and help you see the light. In addition to being a highly decorative crystal, Citrine Quartz has been well documented in bringing about a cheerful and uplifting experience. By leveraging positive energy, Citrine Quartz delivers a rush of positive energy you can use to enhance your manifestation and bring joy back into your life.

When used in a crystal water bottle, Citrine Quartz's healing properties will bring a daily strengthening effect on your mental capacity. With your newfound mental strength, you will find the power to set and achieve meaningful goals while helping to inspire others around you with your contagious ambition and optimism for life. Because the frequency of Citrine Quartz is so powerful, it will not only impact your life but also those around you like family, friends, and colleagues.