Labradorite Silver Bottle
Labradorite Silver Bottle

Nazar Bottle

Labradorite Silver Bottle

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Willpower . Transformation . Value

This stone has a mixture of grey, black, metallic blue colours & gold specs


Sometimes, we forget how important we are and can undervalue our existence. Labradorite Quartz is the best stone for helping you push through an existential crisis and discover your worth and value as an integral part of the interconnected universe we live in. By helping your spirit understand how important you are as a part of the universal ecosystem, you will become connected to the powerful energy of the universe. With such a powerful connection flowing through your aura, you will begin to realise that anything is truly possible.

Break free from the restrictions of your mental limitations by using it with your Nazar Bottle daily. Whether your working on manifesting goals, astral projections, or daily meditation rituals, Labradorite Quartz is a highly effective stone. 

What is Crystal Infused/Elixir Water?

When water is combined with crystals it activates the vibration and energy properties of the natural stone.

It is being used by celebrities and many individuals across the globe today as a healing ritual. Each Crystal has its own unique benefits. Every time you take a sip it helps cleanse your negative energy of the mind, find balance and happiness, brings good health and allows you to recharge on the GO. 


  • Reusable bottles made from Borosilicate glass that is durable and shatterproof
  • Strap that allows you to easily carry your bottle
  • BPA-Free
  • Genuine Crystals professional cut, tested & certified
  • Stainless steel lid and detachable bottom
  • FREE standard shipping within Australia & New Zealand